ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from the Regional Forests Sector

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Mats Mahnken, Alessio Collalti, Daniela Dalmonech, Carlo Trotta, Volodymyr Trotsiuk, Andrey Lessa Derci Augustynczik, Rasoul Yousefpour, Martin Gutsch, David Cameron, Harald Bugmann, Nica Huber, Timothy Thrippleton, Friedrich Bohn, Daniel Nadal-Sala, Santiago Sabaté, Rüdiger Grote, Annikki Mäkelä, Francesco Minunno, Mikko Peltoniemi, Patrick Vallet, Marek Fabrika, Katarína Merganičová, Iliusi Vega del Valle, Jan Volkholz, Christopher Reyer (2022): ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from the Regional Forests Sector (v1.0). ISIMIP Repository.


ISIMIP2a Simulation Data from the Regional Forests Sector
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The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP) provides a framework for the collation of a set of consistent, multi-sector, multi-scale climate-impact simulations, based on scientifically and politically relevant historical and future scenarios. This framework serves as a basis for robust projections of climate impacts, as well as facilitating model evaluation and improvement, allowing for advanced estimates of the biophysical and socio-economic impacts of climate change at different levels of global warming. It also provides a unique opportunity to consider interactions between climate impacts across sectors.

ISIMIP2a is the first simulation round of the second phase of ISIMIP, focusing on historical simulations of climate impacts on agriculture, fisheries, permafrost, biomes, regional and global water and forests. This will serve as a basis for model evaluation and improvement, allowing for improved estimates of the biophysical and socio-economic impacts of climate change at different levels of global warming.

This dataset contains ISIMIP2a simulation data from thirteen local forest models: 3D-CMCC FEM (3D-CMCC-FEM LUE, Collalti et al. 2014, 2016), 3D-CMCC-CNR-BGC (3D-CMCC-FEM BGC, Collalti et al. 2019, Collalti et al. 2020), 3PG (Landsberg et al. 2002), 3PGN-BW (Landsberg et al. 1997, Xenakis et al. 2008), 4C (Reyer et al. 2013, Lasch-Born et al. 2020), BASFOR (van Oijen et al. 2014, Cameron et al. 2013), ForClim (Bugmann et al. 2006), FORMIND (Bohn et al. 2014), GOTILWA+ (Nadal-Sala et al. 2017, Keenan et al. 2010, Gracia et al. 2011), Landscape-DNDC (Haas et al. 2012, Grote et al. 2008, 2010, 2011, Holst et al. 2009, Lindauer et al. 2014), PREBAS (Minunno et al. 2016, Valentine et al. 2005), SALEM (Aussenac et al. 2021) and SIBYLA (Fabrika and Ďurský 2006, Hlásny et al. 2014).


The ISIMIP2a local forest outputs are based on simulations from local forest models according to the ISIMIP2a protocol ( A more detailed description of the models and model-specific amendments of the protocol are available here:

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July 29, 2022
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