Secondary ISIMIP3b bias-adjusted atmospheric climate input data

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Stefan Lange, Matthias Büchner (2022): Secondary ISIMIP3b bias-adjusted atmospheric climate input data (v1.1). ISIMIP Repository.


Secondary ISIMIP3b bias-adjusted atmospheric climate input data
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The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP) provides a framework for the collation of a consistent set of climate impact data across sectors and scales. It also provides a unique opportunity for considering interactions between climate change impacts across sectors through consistent scenarios.

The ISIMIP3b part of the third simulation round is dedicated to a quantification of climate-related risks at different levels of global warming and socio-economic change. ISIMIP3b group I simulations are based on historical climate change as simulated in CMIP6 combined with observed historical socio-economic forcing. ISIMIP3b group II simulations are based on climate change according to the CMIP6 future projections combined with socio-economic forcings fixed at 2015 levels. ISIMIP3b group III simulations additionally account for future changes in socio-economic forcing.

This dataset covers additional CMIP6-based and bias-adjusted atmospheric climate input data published as secondary input data for ISIMIP3b. Included are datasets from the 5 CMIP6 global climate models that are included in the ISIMIP3b protocol (GFDL-ESM4, IPSL-CM6A-LR, MPI-ESM1-2-HR, MRI-ESM2-0, UKESM1-0-LL) for experiments which are not part of the ISIMIP3b protocol (hist-nat, ssp119, ssp245, ssp460, ssp534-over). Also included are datasets from 5 additional CMIP6 global climate models (CNRM-CM6-1, CNRM-ESM2-1, CanESM5, EC-Earth3, MIROC6) for the experiments of the ISIMIP3b protocol (piControl, historical, SSP126, SSP370, SSP585) and hist-nat in some cases.

Version 1.1 of this dataset adds files for the ssp534-over scenario.


The observational reference dataset used for bias adjustment is W5E5 v2.0 (Cucchi et al. 2020, Lange et al. 2021). The method used for bias adjustment is ISIMIP3BASD (Lange 2019b), v2.5.1 (Lange 2021a; for hist-nat) or v2.5.0 (Lange 2021b; for all other CMIP6 experiments). For more details see the ISIMIP3 protocol paper (Frieler et al. 2022).

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Feb. 17, 2022
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