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Mahé Perrette (2022): ISIpedia country masks (v1.0). ISIMIP Repository.


ISIpedia country masks
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The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP) provides a framework for the collation of a consistent set of climate impact data across sectors and scales. It also provides a unique opportunity for considering interactions between climate change impacts across sectors through consistent scenarios.

The ISIMIP3a part of the third simulation round is dedicated to i) impact model evaluation and improvement and ii) detection and attribution of observed impacts according to the framework of IPCC AR5 Working Group II Chapter 18. To this end all simulations are driven by observed socio-economic information combined with either observed (factual) climate data or a detrended (counterfactual) version of the observed climate allowing for the generation of a “no climate change” baseline.

The ISIMIP3b part of the third simulation round is dedicated to a quantification of climate-related risks at different levels of global warming and socio-economic change. ISIMIP3b group I simulations are based on historical climate change as simulated in CMIP6 combined with observed historical socio-economic forcing. ISIMIP3b group II simulations are based on climate change according to the CMIP6 future projections combined with socio-economic forcings fixed at 2015 levels. ISIMIP3b group III simulations additionally account for future changes in socio-economic forcing.

This dataset contains the country masks from the ISIpedia project. The masks are available as binary or fractional maps on a 0.5° x 0.5° latitude-longitude grid. More formats are available at


The country masks were derived from shape files downloaded from ASAP-GAUL (Global administrative boundaries).

The data was further processed as far as countries without ISOcode are concerned: West Bank and Gaza Strip merged into Palestine, State Of (PSE), according to UN, ISO, WB; Added missing isocodes based on ISO website: Reunion (REU), Saint Pierre et Miquelon (SPM), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VCT), Netherlands Antilles (ANT) -- based on AN iso2Code; Created fictious code for isipedia purpose: Jammu and Kashmir: JLX (iso status: made up of PK-JL and IN-JL for Pakistan and Indian parts). The territory would need otherwise to be split up by hand into Palistan and India, and it felt like a step too much for no solid reason; Attach small disputed territories to larger neighbour, consistently with Natural Earth polygons: Abyei >>> Sudan, Aksai Chin >>> China, Arunachal Pradesh >>> India, China/India >>> India, Hala'ib triangle >>> Egypt, Ilemi triangle >>> Kenya, Ma'tan al-Sarra >>> Sudan; Deleted smaller territories: Kingman Reef, Kuril islands.

Both binary and fractional masks were derived from the vector data thanks to rasterio.mask.geometry_mask See (geomtools)[]'s polygon_to_mask and polygon_to_fraction_mask for details.

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Aug. 8, 2022
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