Caveat concerning the ISIMIP3a high resolution experiments #16

Jochen Klar opened this caveat on April 27, 2022.



Jochen Klar reported on April 27, 2022.
The high-resolution impact model simulations based on the high-resolution climate forcing data are now included into the ISIMIP3a protocol. However, we are currently thinking about options to also provide higher-resolution direct human forcings that should be used in combination with the high-resolution climate forcings. These high-resolution direct human forcings will have to be consistent with the currently provided mandatory direct human forcings provided on the standard 0.5° grid. So the high resolution climate forcings are currently provided to do test-runs while the final setting for the ISIMIP runs still has to be determined.
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Climate related forcing
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Climate forcing
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ISIMIP3a simulation round

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