WARNING: statistics of prsn are very different to last version #3

Iliusi Vega del Valle opened this caveat on June 9, 2021.



Iliusi Vega del Valle reported on June 9, 2021.
Statistics of prsn, at least for historical, ssp126 and ssp585, are very different to last version (v2.5.0): the global trend changed from decrease to ~constant or slightly increasing; there is a mismatch between pr at T < 0°C and prsn over all land cells >40°N.
Although this behavior is not completely implausible, it is not very likely, so we will further analyze this variable.
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Affected datasets can still be used for simulations or research.

Severity low

Status on hold

before 20210512
Data product
Input Data
Input subcategory
Climate scenario
historical, ssp126, ssp585
Climate variable
Simulation round
ISIMIP3b simulation round

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