ISIMIP2a/b: Issue on spatial consistency of historical and scenario population data #36

volkholz opened this caveat on March 15, 2023.



volkholz reported on March 15, 2023.
While national and global population in ISIMIP2 seem consistent between historical and scenario datasets (e.g. population_histsoc_0p5deg_annual_1861-2005.nc4 and population_ssp2soc_0p5deg_annual_2006-2100.nc4), it turns out that a given country population may be distributed differently across the grid cells corresponding to the given country, causing discontinuities in the individual grid cells population time series.

To overcome this issue and obtain spatially consistent historical and scenario data, the Bclimate group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel implemented a fix. The code is available at . The improved population data is made available as secondary input for both ISIMIP2a and ISIMIP2b. The file names are population_histsoc_0p5deg_annual_1861-2005.nc4 and population_rcp26soc_0p5deg_annual_2006-2100.nc4.
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Affected datasets can still be used for simulations or research.

Severity low

Status resolved

all versions affected
Spatial resolution
30arcmin, 5arcmin
Input subcategory
Simulation round
ISIMIP2a simulation round, ISIMIP2b simulation round

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