Inconsistencies between ISIMIP2 gridded GDP and gridded population data #4

Jochen Klar opened this caveat on Oct. 14, 2021.



Jochen Klar reported on Oct. 14, 2021.
These datasets are currently checked for inconsistencies. Please contact the ISIMIP-Team before using them in combination.
GDP per capita ISIMIP2: GPC divided by gridded population
Credit: Thomas Vogt
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Affected datasets can still be used for simulations or research.

Severity low

Status on hold

before 20210525
Spatial resolution
30arcmin, 5arcmin, halfdeg
Socio-economic dataset
Simulation round
ISIMIP2a simulation round, ISIMIP2b simulation round

Affected datasets

There are 6 datasets affected by this caveat. You can download a complete list of all the datasets, or files affected by this caveat as JSON. Alternatively, can also download a list the files as a flat file suitable for Wget. You can use the search interface to further restrict your query.