ISIMIP3b ocean data: IPSL-CM6A-LR Chlorophyll 3 orders of magnitude too high #33


Matthias Büchner reported on Jan. 27, 2023.
All IPSL-CM6A-LR chlorophyll data are provided by ESGF in g m-3 instead of kg m-3 as expected in the CMIP6 data request [1]. This has also affected the remapped versions provided as ISIMIP3b input data for the Fisheries and Marine Ecosystems sector. Using a division by 1000, the data compares very well with the magnitude found in the other GCMs that provide ocean data.

The data will be fixed soon.


Affected datasets can still be used for simulations or research.

Severity low

Status resolved

before 20230126
Input subcategory
Oceanic forcings
Climate forcing
Climate experiment
historical, picontrol, ssp126, ssp370, ssp585
Climate variable
Simulation round

Affected datasets

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